Finding a Divorce Attorney

divorce  clipartWhen you have decided to get a divorce, it is critical to find a good lawyer to represent you.   The road of divorce is a legal tangle even if you and your potential “ex” have no real animosity toward each other.  There is a required legal separation.  There is immediate need for the protection of assets.  An overwhelming mountain of paperwork is expected and you cannot easily manage legally filing the paper work with the courts.

There are some essential factors to consider when getting a divorce attorney so that all the bases are covered.

  •  Your children’s age and child support
    If your children are under the age of 18, they can tell the court with which parent they wish to live with until they become of age.  The arrangements for child support and rights of visitation of the non-custodial parent.
  •  Fiscal scenario
    An attorney proficient in finance will be more suitable in the case of shared monetary holdings.Examples are shared bank accounts, shared investments, joint assets and any other property possession.  There is also Social Security benefits to be discussed and understood.
  • Arbitrators or shared or separate attorneys?
    If there is no real animosity between the partners, they might decide to go with a legal arbitrator.  At any rate, these decisions should be made early in the decision process.
  • How do you select the right one? As stated in other posts, you have to turn to friends and family for recommendations (especially those who have been satisfied with their divorces).
  • Referrals from professionals
    Professionals from some other fields often meet with divorce lawyers in the course of their work and therefore could make recommendations for reliable attorneys (ex. physicians, realtors, health care providers, etc.)  Request professionals for referrals to excellent family law attorneys with a solid record.
  • Cost
    Established attorneys generally charge a significant fee. Know what you can afford. The market conditions generally determine the charge of the attorneys. Get the legal fees up front.
  •  Interview
    Make a list of lawyers you are considering so that you may interview each one. Ask the necessary questions.  In case you don’t feel comfortable with a lawyer, then trust your instinct. You’ve got to be very comfortable with the person representing you.
  • Credentials
    If arbitration is chosen for your divorce, make certain that those involved know what they are doing with a solid track record in arbitration. The lawyer must be competitive in what you have selected.  For professional legal representation, check out Mast Firm’s attorneys Selma NC services.